The Food Alliance – Catalysing Food System Transformation

Photo by Amadis Lacheta and Emily Ballantyne-Brodie (On the Edge forum, 25 Oct 2011), reproduced with permission

We must care for the men and women who feed us

750,000 healthy fruit trees, destined for bulldozing

95% of Victorians don't eat enough veg

Photo by Amadis Lacheta and Emily Ballantyne-Brodie (On the Edge forum, 25 Oct 2011), reproduced with permission

And we have to protect prime farmland for the future

Photo by Amadis Lacheta and Emily Ballantyne-Brodie (On the Edge forum, 25 Oct 2011), reproduced with permission



The Food System and Health

'Food system' is a term that has been used in order to develop an integrated understanding of a set of processes, institutions, practices and systems, all intimately linked to agriculture and food, yet which are typically thought of as separate and distinct, and commonly treated as such for governance and policy purposes. Thus, a 'food…
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Healthy Food System Working Group

Food Alliance Healthy Food System working group aims to nurture the establishment of a Victorian Healthy Food System Network, in support of the broader goal of developing a thriving and diverse culture and practice of food system activity in the state. Roles Identify particular health-related actions (including research and advocacy) that may be taken by…
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Plan Melbourne

The Victorian Government is developing a new metropolitan planning strategy for Melbourne, Plan Melbourne, and the Food Alliance has been advocating for this strategy to include a plan for the city’s food supply. We outlined our vision for Plan Melbourne in our response to the first phase of the public consultation. Food is highly significant…
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A Grower’s Market for Queen Vic

Back in the 1930s, Melbourne's iconic Queen Victoria Market included a Growers' Market, where farmers from Melbourne's fringe could come and sell their produce.   Imagine if the planned $250 million Queen Vic revamp included a return of the Growers' Market to support Melbourne's peri-urban farmers. The Queen Vic was once Melbourne’s fruit and vegetable…
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Urban Agriculture


Worm Lover – Richard Thomas

Australia’s first rooftop worm farm was recently launched on the top of Curtin House, at 252 Swanston St, in the centre of Melbourne. Made possible by the dedication and commitment of ‘Worm Lover’ Richard Thomas, and the vision and financial backing of the building’s owners, the Mesa Verde restaurant on the 7th floor of 252…
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Permaculture in Preston

Angelo Eliades, and his permaculture food forest experiment in Melbourne’s inner north, embodies the wave of food self-sufficiency sweeping the inner north and west of Melbourne. This wave has been generated by individuals and community groups, but it’s increasingly being embraced by local governments, who are integrating policies on community gardening, edible streetscapes and urban…
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Local Organics Food Hub


Local Organics is a Melbourne based food hub created to provide access to food and information from sustainable, organic and biodynamic Victorian family farms. Established in 2010 as a collection point for mixed organic boxes in Brunswick East, Local Organics Food Hub has developed into a vital link between consumers and producers, developing relationships with…


Food Production on Melbourne’s Urban Fringe


Food production on Melbourne’s urban fringe is worth around $1.3 – 1.6 billion and generates over 6,000 jobs. Around 40-50% of Victoria’s total vegetable production from Melbourne’s fringe within 100 km of the city, so it’s an important source of fresh, local produce. What fruits and vegetables are grown on Melbourne's urban city fringe and…


Mornington Peninsula food production


The Mornington Peninsula is one of the most valuable agricultural regions in Victoria, generating around $800 million from farming. This region delivers a wide variety of produce, including herbs, lettuce and berries, as well as wines, meats and cheeses. There are also lots of places in the Mornington Peninsula where you can buy local produce at the…