National Food PlanXX

The National Food Plan is a roadmap for Australia’s food industry, preparing us for future and emerging challenges.

The plan sets the goals for growing food exports; building a thriving agriculture and food industry; ensuring all Australians have access to high–quality, nutritious food; and using our natural resources sustainably so we can produce food today and for future generations.

A State of the Food System report will be published every five years to monitor the progress of the National Food Plan goals. It will bring together key information about the food system and how it is performing.

What the project will do

The State of the Food System report will build on existing publications, such as FOODmap and Australian food statistics. It will focus on important issues affecting the Australian food system—production capacity and land use, processing, supply chains, retail, export opportunities, workforce composition and food security. It will also identify gaps and priority areas in the food system. A single report consolidating all this information will be an important resource for the Australian Council on Food, as it will provide feedback on the implementation of the National Food Plan. It will help ensure that decisions about our food system are founded on a strong knowledge base and assist in long-term planning for business and government.

The report will also provide information to the community to help people understand our food system, its challenges and its strengths. The first State of the Food System report will be published in 2018.

Further information

Existing food publications:
FOODmap: An analysis of the Australian food supply chain
Australian food statistics 2011–12
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) publications