Casey-Cardinia food production

Casey-Cardinia grows a wide range of produce, but is best known for asparagus production. The Koo Wee Rup area, 65 km to the South-East of Melbourne, produces over 90% of Australia’s asparagus. Koo Wee Rup has the ideal conditions for growing asparagus with rich soil and a temperate climate.

Casey-Cardinia is also close to the Eastern Water Treatment Plant and has the potential to be developed as a ‘drought proof food bowl’ for Melbourne through the proposed Bunyip Food Belt project.


Which fruit and vegetables grow in Casey-Cardinia and how much? 

Produce % of Victorian Production
Herbs 69%
Potatoes 16%
Pumpkins 19%
Kiwifruit 27%
Blueberries 18%
Asparagus 94%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Agricultural Commodities Australia 2010-11

For more information on where to buy local produce direct from the farmer in this area have a look at our Farm Gate Map