Food Production on Melbourne’s Urban Fringe

Food production on Melbourne’s urban fringe is worth around $1.3 – 1.6 billion and generates over 6,000 jobs. Around 40-50% of Victoria’s total vegetable production from Melbourne’s fringe within 100 km of the city, so it’s an important source of fresh, local produce.


What fruits and vegetables are grown on Melbourne’s urban city fringe and how much?



Total Urban Fringe Farming

Broccoli 71%
Cauliflower 92%
Asparagus 94%
Herbs 93%
Lettuce 71%
Mushrooms 88%
Raspberries 78%
Strawberries 99%
Blueberries 33%
Other berries 82%
Lemons and limes 33%
Capsicums 31%
Kiwi fruit 27%
Apples 22%
Cherries 21%
Pumpkin 19%
Potatoes 16%


Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Agricultural Commodities Australia 2010-11

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