Mornington Peninsula food production

The Mornington Peninsula is one of the most valuable agricultural regions in Victoria, generating around $800 million from farming. This region delivers a wide variety of produce, including herbs, lettuce and berries, as well as wines, meats and cheeses.

There are also lots of places in the Mornington Peninsula where you can buy local produce at the farmgate


Which fruit and vegetables grow in the Mornington Peninsula and how much?

Produce   % of Victorian Production
Herbs  24%
Broccoli 14%
Strawberries 14%
Raspberries 4%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Agricultural Commodities Australia 2010-11

Hear from Mornington Peninsula farmers Tash and Wayne Shields about growing food just 500 metres from the urban growth boundary

For more information on where to buy local produce direct from the farmer in this area have a look at our Farm Gate Map