Werribee food production

Werribee South is a small area of market gardens around 30 km to the west of Melbourne’s CBD that delivers 10% of Victoria’s vegetables, and together with surrounding areas produce 85% of the state’s cauliflower, 53% of the broccoli and 34% of lettuce. Werribee South is one of the closest remaining vegetable growing areas to the city.

It is also next to the Western Water Treatment Plant, and has access to recycled water for growing vegetables during drought, making it one of Melbourne’s most strategically important areas of agricultural land for the city’s future food security. It’s also one of the areas that is most under threat from housing development.


Hear from Werribee South farmers Rita and Tony Faranda about growing food on the city’s edge

Which fruit and vegetables grow in Melbourne’s West and how much? 

Produce % of Victorian Production
Cauliflower 85%
Broccoli 53%
Lettuce 34%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Agricultural Commodities Australia 2010-11

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